Friday, 25 March 2011

The Enduring Black and White Image

For me, there is something primal about the black and white image.  Somehow, the absence of colour simplifies them and in doing so, distractions are removed.  All that remains are the elemental values of contrast and tone.  My introduction to photography was many years ago through the realm of black and white film, which is part of the attraction.  Perhaps it's due to a need to simplify and reduce, in a world that is moving so fast and changing so quickly.  Despite all the wonderful advances in technology, I still find myself returning to the greyscale for inspiration. Nature is another source of inspiration for me. I grew up on the beautiful northern shoreline of Lake Superior.  After decades of wandering, I now have the privilege of living amidst the beauty of Vancouver Island.

On this blog you'll find some of my recent work.  Most images are in black and white, but sometimes I'm drawn to a scene that is better suited for colour.

Jamie Davidson

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